Modern Chinese Clothing

Chinese clothing is not only externally elegant but it also symbolizes culture and communicates its own vitality. Archeological remains from the Shantingtung culture unearthed objects like bone sewing needles, stone beads and shells with holes in them clearly pointing out the use of ornamentation and sewing in that age. Clothing associated with colors was prevalent; red was the color for summer, green for spring, black for winters and white represented of autumns.

Ancient Chinese clothing favored darker colors and a fully developed system of matching, coordinating and contrasting colors and shades was used in apparels. Modern Chinese clothing has combined the ancient symbols of good fortune with the more modern fashion aesthetics in the Chinese modern clothing. A wide range of eye catchy designs for children and young peoples clothing is designed in modern China, which includes lions, deities and masks of Chinese opera characters. Modern silhouettes are increasingly using designs and appliqu bronzes from the ancient clothing. Prints, weaves, embroideries, and motifs from the ancient culture merge with new age fabrics and styles to create modern Chinese clothing.

Distinctive and unusual designs from centuries gone by like the dragon and clouds embroideries used on robes meant for emperors are making a come back with modern Chinese clothing. These motifs and designs are beautiful and also symbolize ancient culture. The nine dragon and five cloud design was to bring good fortune to its wearer, and the design still holds its auspicious significance with modern china. The amalgamation of this modern and ancient apparel, trends and symbolism is attractive and earthy. The traditional macram is broadly used in modern Chinese clothing for ornamental purposes. It is used on borders, shoulders, pockets, openings, bodices and seams. The modern bridal tiara is another successful combination of traditional and modern in its Sung dynasty design. Traditional pendants and Sash in traditional colors of red, green and blue embroidered in the Hunan province style is still in existence.

Blood Red Moons and the Prophecies of Rabbi Kaduri – A Cautionary Note

After the publication of Hal Lindsey’s -Late Great Planet Earth’ in 1970, a renewed interest in all things about the second coming of Christ was inaugurated.

The only unfortunate aspect of the renewed interest in prophecy was that it produced what came to be known as -prophecy buffs.’ Prophecy is not something we can approach like a hobby, it is one of the most serious aspects of scriptures and covers about one third of the entire bible. God wants his people to be well prepared not just happy to share their latest opinion or speculation.

In the early days, when it became the most talked about subject among the Christians one of the most oft repeated statements heard had to do with the splitting of the Mount of Olives as Christ descends back to earth.

Useful Tips for Men’s Fashion

Gone are the days when men do not care about how they look and grab the first shirt they see. Most guys now know the importance of looking sharp and making a good impression. It opens many opportunities at work, dating, and meeting new people. This is why they take their time to search the internet, magazines, and catalogue for styling options. They even ask their female friends for advice on men’s fashion.

Factors in Wearing the Right Outfit

In men’s fashion, most Australian designers consider the material of the apparel. The manufacturer makes sure the fabrics used for the apparel are of high quality. They know that good fabrics are durable. Most designers advise that men reject clothing that wear out quickly.

Choosing Cool Designer Prescription Glasses and Sunglasses

There is something about a pair of sunglasses that makes them arguably one of the most essential ‘must-have’ items of all time. Not only are they immensely practical, offering protection from the dangers of the sun, they are an enormously versatile fashion accessory, available in a huge range of styles, colours and prices to suit every pocket. Given their worldwide popularity, sunglass manufacturing has become a very lucrative, and highly competitive industry and while some manufacturers rise and wane in the public affections, there is one company that remains forever synonymous with the eyeglasses that protect our eyes from the rays of the sun: Ray-Ban

Although the Us President, Benjamin Franklin, is often credited with inventing eyeglasses (he was the one who developed the first bifocal lens in the 1780’s), the first reading glasses were developed in Italy, as early as 1260. People continued to be fascinated by all things optical throughout the centuries that followed, then, in the mid-eighteen hundreds British scientist James Ayscough began to research tinted glass, and the possibility that such technology may be used to improve vision impaired eyesight. As successful as he was, it was not until 1929 that the idea that glasses could filter the sun’s rays was given any serious consideration. At that time, U.S. optical company, Foster Grant, began to develop the idea further, until finally, later that same year, the first ever pair of sunglasses were sold from a Woolworth’s store on the Atlantic City boardwalk. Look how far weve come from there.

Recognizing that the new technology could be beneficial to their pilots, the U.S. Army Air Corps asked another prominent American company, Bausch & Lomb, to develop glasses that would protect the eyes from the dangers of the glaring sun, when flying.

Kids Clothes That Matters Most

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Tips For Buying Edgy Clothes Fit For A Girl

One of the most difficult things about buying clothes for kids is finding styles that they like. Its a fact of life for parents – if the kid doesnt like it, they wont use it without a lot of argument. Who needs that, especially when its just a matter of getting dressed in the morning? So its better to at least try to find clothes that a kid will prefer. If a parent is smart, they will look in places that understand the trends in childrens fashion, and many of those are online. When it comes to girls, fashion will be a little more important, probably. Here are some tips for buying edgy clothes fit for a girl.

Understanding just what edgy means simply requires watching what shes interested in. Kids today are surrounded by a rock and roll environment, and this vibe includes the clothing styles that are popular. Kids have more access to music in general these days. Its in all of the programming they watch, the school activities they participate in, and just about everything else they do. So its natural that what they want to wear will follow this trend.

Luckily, there are many fashion designers and clothing distributors that have latched on to this concept. Girls apparel is available in the latest edgy styles, and this is true for everything they might possibly wear, head to toe.